Google's Nexus One smart phone

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I wanted to take a few minutes and discuss the Nexus One, Google’s attempt to compete with the iPhone. It’s quite a slick device and it has many features that stump the iPhone in many ways. But it doesn’t seem to be a cultural phenomenon like the iPhone has become.

So what makes this phone so impressive? Well if u ask me, I would say it’s what’s under the hood that counts. This phone is more than a phone; like the iPhone it’s a media center that reaches within the confines of its 3.7 inch screen. It also has a Snap Dragon processor that allows for multi-tasking, unlike any of the iPhones released thus far.

This particular processor could be compared to a laptop circa 2004. The fact that technology has allowed us to walk around with mini-computers, in our pockets nonetheless, is pretty amazing. The phone does have a 5 mega pixel camera, and a phenomenal screen with better resolution than the iPhone 3Gs.

So why hasn’t this thing sold in droves since it was released in January? Spec wise, it’s technically better than the iPhone. Well I have a couple of thoughts on that. I would argue that the reason the iPhone is so successful is not because of the actual abilities of the iPhone itself, but because of the Eco-system Apple has created. I mean, you can’t even activate an IPhone without hooking it up to iTunes. Not only that, we have been exposed to iPods, iTunes, and all things “i” for about 9 years now. My 3-year-old niece knows what an iPod is. Hands down, America has fallen in love with Apple, and that is really evident in Apples’ Stock price, a whopping $199.23 a share!

While Google has definitely stepped its game up with all of their options (i.e. gmail, Google docs, You Tube,) Apple has already beat them to the punch with all of it’s partnership with both the major networks and the record companies. It’s a race where Apple had a significant head start, Android was only released a year ago while the iPhone has been around for almost three years, and there are 19 million iPhone and Ipod Touches, this number makes Android look like a sand-castle on Apple’s beach.

Aside from all that Google has been taken a beating in sales. I remember when the first iPhone was released in June of 2007; there was so much hype around it. Lines wrapped around AT&T stores for hours and that version didn’t even have a 3G radio. Google decided, in January, to sell the device online. So having a product in hand was impossible and so was the instant gratification and you know how we Americans are about getting what we want, when we want it.

Google’s selling point is the fact that it can be on any network, well kinda. T-Mobile got the Nexus-One first, and subsidized the cost $179.00, but Verizon is scheduled to get the phone next. And there have been rumors to suggest that the phone is coming to AT&T, too. So this phone will be like a RAZR, everywhere. Google has also taken advantage of Apple’s closed-ended thinking. Apple has already made a killing on their phone, but the company could have blown out profit margins if the phone was available on more carriers. There have been talks that Verizon will get a version of the iPhone, but as of now, there is nothing etched in stone. You can also buy the Nexus One phone outright, only from Google, though for $529.99.

Aside from all that, initial reviews of the Nexus One were below average. Most people complain about poor 3G coverage and no Multi-touch capabilities, but the coverage could be blamed more so on T-Mobile since they are the last to upgrade their network to 3G. Just yesterday, Google released a firmware update that supposedly allows for better 3G coverage and adds multi-touch.

What this phone will do, is make Apple step its game up on the next generation of the iPhone due at some point this year. With a better processor, a better camera, a better screen, and a smaller size, the Nexus One could very well be an iPhone killer, but only if Apple chooses not to be safe on their next version of the most popular Smart Phone ever created.

Check out Techno Buffalo’s YouTube Video comparing the two and let me know what you think. Leave a comment or two so I know you are reading…

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