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Today is the day! As many of you know, I am madly in love with the Covenant of Marriage. I absolutely adore how God has used my marriage to Kevin to totally transform my life.

I guess deep down, I had always desired that change and had previously searched in all the wrong places for what ONLY God could have given me; a blueprint detailing who I’ve been created to be here on earth.

Although full of tough times, nothing can outweigh the first time we actually allow God to restore the two of us after an argument, or how quickly He operates when we allow Him to outline which expectations are realistic vs. the unrealistic ones and even how He will, if we allow Him, bring resolve to a difficult conversation without having us go into in full on battle with one another.

It’s truly sweet and absolutely what God what’s to do for us – daily. He doesn’t want to be an afterthought in our marital relationships. He wants to always be our first consideration and true hope of sustainability as we exemplify the relationship between Christ and the Church.

God has gifted me with a man who is truly splendid and remarkably dedicated to becoming the man God has called him to be. So, to say the least, our 7 year journey, has been amazing, painful, full of grace and mercy, powerful, purposeful, marked by forgiveness, you name it. But, neither Kevin nor I would change it for anything. This thing (marriage) that I never wished or hoped for has become the one thing that I bask in each and every day, learning how to be more sacrificial, open, unconditional, fearless, hopeful, trained up, teachable, forgiving, and loving, so that Kevin is truly honored as my husband by the wife God intended for him to have.

So, with that said, we are launching the next phase of our marital journey – a marriage blog called, Covenant Marriage Forever.

Yes, Im blogging people. I understand that this may sound funny coming from me because anyone who knows me, knows I’m no techie. Nonetheless, in the past several months; since December 2008 to be more specific, I’ve been testing the “blog” waters and I LOVE it.

Since I have more time in front of the computer, you’ll find that I post the blogs, but, it’s been amazing the topics Kevin suggests that we write about. Stuff that I wouldn’t think he’d want to share, but when starting this blog, we did promise to be honest and transparent. He’s so very open to sharing our lives freely. So, although you may not experience his writings, his perspective is definitely presented. He’ll be blogging soon.

So, how ’bout you join us at: http://onemarriagethreepeople.blogspot.com/ as we discuss topics like:

Relationship Okie-Doke: Girlfriend Status vs. Wife Status
Marital Re-Assessment – Did I Marry the Wrong Person?
A Lesson in Respect: Walk in My Husbands Shoes
Does God Expect Me to Stay Married to a Jerk?
Redefining Marriage in California             
Good Intentions: Not Always Enough
Marital Sex – Sin, Shame and Sadness
The Purpose of Love: Biblical Manhood
Striving for Equality In your Marriage
Infidelity: A Matter of Heart or Body?
Intense Fellowship: Fighting a Good Fight
Sweet Memories: Remember why you said “Yes”
Marital Forgiveness: Bravely Opting-In
Spiritual Warfare: The Christian Marriage Bed
Unconditional Respect: Man’s Love Language  
Holy Sex: An Act of Worship
Plus much-much more!

Please stop by and comment, share, suggest content etc. We’re new to all of this, so maybe you can help us along the way.

Please don’t hesitate to share the blog with your single friends. We desire, that they too, are allowed to learn God’s intention for marriage.

PLEASE NOTE: We ask your forgiveness if you have received this email more than once. Unfortunately, we noticed afterwards that we may have crossed contact lists when organizing this one.

Stay well and God bless you,

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