Lil Wayne enters Manhattan criminal court, Tuesday, Feb. 9, 2010

*Lil Wayne’s scheduled sentencing in a New York City gun case was postponed until March 2 today because his teeth are in dire need of dental work.

The rapper is due to complete a number of oral surgeries before he goes to prison, where he’s due to serve as much as a year in jail under a plea deal. His sentence could be shortened to eight months for good behavior.

Lil Wayne, born Dwayne Carter, kept quiet during the brief court session Tuesday afternoon in Manhattan. He left in a black SUV, flanked by fellow rapper Birdman and others, according to the Associated Press.

Defense lawyer Stacey Richman said Lil Wayne was headed home to Miami for dental work Friday. She declined to provide any further information about the nature of his tooth ailments.

“It is a medical situation that, like (it would for) any of us, has to be addressed,” she said outside court. She said the rapper had planned to take care of it before Tuesday, but his dentist had been out of the country doing charitable work.

Manhattan Assistant District Attorney Joan Illuzzi-Orbon didn’t fight the rapper’s request to push back his sentencing, saying she had spoken to the dentist.

Lil Wayne, 27, pleaded guilty in October to a charge of attempted criminal possession of a weapon, admitting he illegally had a loaded .40-caliber semiautomatic gun on his tour bus in July 2007. Police found the weapon when they stopped the bus after a Manhattan concert.