*A Los Angeles judge has just ordered Beyonce’s daddy to pay child support for a baby he allegedly fathered outside of his marriage.

TMZ.com is reporting that Mathew Knowles must fork over $8,200 a month in child support, retroactive to February 1, as well as 100% of uninsured medical costs.

Baby Nixon was born on Feb. 4 to Alexsandra Wright, who claims she had an 18-month relationship with Knowles. Her lawyer, Neal Hersh, asked for and was granted support in court today.

According to TMZ, Knowles will take a DNA test on March 1 to prove paternity, and further child support payments hinge on the outcome. The Web site also reported that Knowles gave Alexsandra $10,000 in January to cover uninsured medical costs and items for the baby.

Beyonce’s mom Tina Knowles filed for divorce in November seeking an end to their 29-year marriage.