*In case it wasn’t clear to anyone, Nike released a statement today saying it continues to support Tiger Woods as a sponsor, despite his indefinite leave from golf to deal with fallout from his infidelity.

Nike brand president Charlie Denson said Thursday he does not want Woods back on the course until he sorts out his private life, which has been under public scrutiny since a bizarre car crash outside his Florida home last November revealed allegations of cheating

Woods issued a public apology last week and is currently in sex rehab.

“Under the circumstances, the more he deals with the issues and the better he deals with them, the better off he’ll be when he does return,” Denson told The Associated Press.

AT&T and Accenture dropped Woods from their roster of sponsorships, and others like Procter & Gamble Co.’s Gillette and Swiss watch maker Tag Heuer de-emphasized him in their marketing.

“We’ve been supportive of Tiger since the story broke and we continue to be supportive,” Denson said. “He’s got issues he needs to deal with and he’s dealing with them. We are looking forward to him getting back on the golf course.”

Below: two of Tiger’s more memorable Nike spots: