*Although R&B star Mary J. Blige recorded a song for the soundtrack of “Precious,’ she tells Rolling Stone magazine that she had to walk out of an early screening of the movie because the story hit too close to home.

“I couldn’t do it anymore. It was making me regress,” she said of the movie, which she first saw at the New York Film Festival last year.

“Precious: Based on the Novel Push by Sapphire” tells the gritty story of a troubled teenager who is raped by her father and abused by her mother.

“I lived a lot of things from Precious. A lot of people know my story from the child molestation to me turning into a suicidal person,” she said. “I’ve seen some family members and friends actually live the depth of what Precious went through to the T.

“I know what that pain is, I know what that food is, I know the smell of those houses, I know the curse words going through her head every day that her mom called her.”