*Since everybody else is doing a reality show, why not mixed rtap couple Paul Wall and his wife Crystal Slayton?

Hmm, good or bad idea? Doesn’t matter, it’s about to happen.

We don’t have the specifics, but the show is said to focus on Wall’s family life, as he juggles the duties of being both a family man and a popular rap star.

Like we said, good idea or bad?

The inspiration for the reality show came after Crystal appeared on an E! special called ‘Hip Hop Wives,’ which depicted the lives of various rapper’s wives, including Mos Def, DMX and Uncle Luke’s better halves, reports The Boom Box.com.

Paul Wall is currently working on his forthcoming fifth solo album, ‘Heart of a Champion,’ and is scheduled to perform on March 17 at SXSW in Austin, Texas, where he will appear on stage with former rival Chamillionaire for the first time in years.