*Raven’s got a message for all those bloggers and writers who love to talk smack, and she shared it on the Wendy Williams Show.

Check out the clip to watch the fabulous duo chat about Raven’s role as an icon with the multi-cultural women’s empowerment movement, Pepsi We Inspire.

Um, isn’t confiding to Wendy about gossip bloggers the same as the chicken talking to the fox? We’re just wondering. Anyway, take a look-see:

About Pepsi “We Inspire

Whether they spring from the mouths of loved ones, through the media or from within our hearts, stories inspire, motivate, inform and strengthen our relationships. Pepsi We Inspire will tap into the powerful bonds between women by creating a platform built just for them. Singers, thespians, and authors, whoever uplifts and entertains, will be a part of this community as they too share their own intimate moments, like the songs, movies and recipes that make their own lives just a little more blissful.