Serena does a pedicure in nail school

*Less than a month after winning the Australian Open in dramatic fashion, Serena Williams is in school working to master a new endeavor – nails.

The tennis champ, hoping to be certified as a nail tech, blogged about her first day of class at Global

“Immediately after I came home from the Australian Open I researched some schools and enrolled in a course that allowed me to complete 240 hours (that’s what u have to do to get certified at least in fla) at my own pace,” Serena wrote. “Two hundred and forty hours may seem like a lot, but I intend on completing it within the year. It normally takes 6 weeks!!!”

Serena, who also took classes to become a fashion designer, is devoting as much attention to her mandatory school uniforms as her lessons.

“Not only do I plan on being the top student to graduate from my nail school, but I also intend on being the most fashionable!” she blogged. “We have to wear blue scrubs. So I asked the administrator can I wear pink but she insisted on blue. I found the cutest blue scrub top (Grey’s Anatomy should take note) and super cute cargo pants!”

The Williams sister also provided pictures of her experience. Read her full blog entry here.