*A Simi Valley, Calif. storage company was forced to auction off a bunch of abandoned items belonging to former Marion “Suge“ Knight to pay off a seven-month old bill that had reached several thousand dollars in fees.

Furniture, clothing and other items belonging to the former Death Row Records CEO – mostly items from his Malibu mansion – were sold to the highest bidder on Saturday (Feb. 20) by Conejo Valley Moving & Storage.

The company waited for Knight to pay the bill in person before beginning the auction, which earned around $4,500 and drew more bidders than usual due to Suge’s notoriety. There’s still a balance left on the bill, according to the storage company’s owner, Joe Furmidge.

His items, which also included appliances and gym equipment, sold in about 30 minutes. Valuables, like a large photo of Knight and Tupac Shakur, sold for as little as $100 to lucky bidders who plan to sell some of their goodies.

The auction, which still left a balance according to Conejo Valley Moving & Storage’s owner, Joe Furmidge.