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Today’s ‘Live Better With Willie Jolley’ Tip: Don’t Willingly Participate or Commiserate

Today’s tip for success is focused on helping you overcome this challenging economy. It is taken from my new book, Turn Setbacks Into Greenbacks. I believe too many people follow the crowd, even if the crowd is going in the wrong direction. Far too often, we have the blind following the blind (people who follow the gloom and doom thinkers without knowing why). That being said, I encourage you to decide that you will not willingly participate or commiserate, and the definitive word in this statement is willingly.

For many years when I spoke about economic downturns, I would quickly say, “I am not participating in this recession!” I realized that we don’t choose to be pulled into economic downturns, but we can choose not to participate willingly! In other words, we do not have to get in line and go along with the program. We need not add fuel to a raging fire. We need not contribute to the problem, but rather we should be part of the solution. Don’t willingly participate. Fight for your dreams!

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Feb. 24: R&B singer Brandon Brown of Mista is 27.


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Feb. 24, 1864: Rebecca Lee Crumpler (pictured) becomes the first black woman to receive an M.D. degree. She graduated from the New England Female Medical College. (Source: