*It’s safe to say that after spending decades working a job most people don’t envision themselves being a greeter at Walmart in retirement.

On top of the low pay it must be an emotional setback when customers don’t give the respect due to an elderly person. Most people find themselves in that position due to poor financial planning.

Professional athletes like Gilbert Arenas and Javaris Crittenton never have had to worry about battling rush hour traffic to get to a job that doesn’t pay enough to make financial ends meet. And apparently they have taken it for granted.

In case you haven’t heard the latest, NBA Commissioner David Stern suspended without pay the two Washington Wizards players – better known at the gun slingers – until the end of the 2010 basketball season for bringing concealed weapons into the Verizon Center and drawing down on each other.

Anybody who knows anything about crime in Washington, D.C. knows there’s a law against residents carrying firearms there. Not to mention that it’s a violation of the collective bargaining agreement between the NBA and the players association, and just plain stupid.

It’s the very reason I expected a harsher punishment from the NBA. Not counting pro athletes, how many people do you know can show up to work with a gun, point it at a co-worker and get off with just a suspension as punishment? What do you have to do to get fired by the NBA, start shooting? Kill somebody?

The altercation started over an unpaid bet after a card game.  Crittenton said in open court that he was intimidated by the more popular Arenas who threatened to shoot Crittenton when he pressed Arenas to settle the bet. Instead of reporting the threats of violence to Wizards management as a rational person would have, Crittenton brought his own gun into the mix. If testosterone has a smell these two were high on it. It’s a classic case of ‘my gun is bigger than yours.’

Now these two could face criminal charges for their behaviors and find themselves having more time to play card games than they ever wanted.

I’m not sure at what point these two men stopped appreciating their good fortune. The million dollar paychecks they make for running up and down a basketball court six months out of the year while gaining the admiration of millions of people – especially children – should have kept them from behaving so badly. Those perks don’t come with every job. Just ask the greeter at Walmart.

And just when you think you’ve heard it all, former North Carolina senator John Edwards last week revealed his true colors. After he got caught lying about it, Edwards confessed that while campaigning for the presidency of the United States, he had an on-going affair with a subordinate and conceived a now two-year-old daughter while his wife of thirty years was suffering from cancer.

He and his wife, the mother of his two older children, have separated.

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