Bruce Willis & Tracy Morgan

*I must admit Tracy Morgan and Bruce Willis pulled it off in the Warner Bros. Film “Cop Out” hitting theaters February 26, 2010. That “serious NYPD detective partnered with the wild and funny cop” scenario worked great for them. “Cop Out” stars Morgan (“30 Rock”), Willis (“Die Hard” franchise); Kevin Pollak (“The Usual Suspects”); Adam Brody (“Mr. & Mrs. Smith”); Guillermo Diaz (“Weeds”); Michelle Trachtenberg (“Gossip Girl”); Ana De La Reguera (“Nacho Libre”), and  Seann William Scott (“Bullet Proof Monk”).

“Cop Out” takes the similar script format as Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan’s “Rush Hour” and Eddie Murphy and Nick Nolte’s “48 Hours.” It would seem a hard thing to do, but Brooklyn native Tracy Morgan and action-hero Bruce Willis’ timing is on point.  I expect to see this film becoming another franchise like “48 Hours” and “Rush Hour.”

“Cop Out” is about veteran detective Jimmy’s (Bruce) hunt for his collectible baseball card that was stolen just as he planned to sell it to pay for his daughter’s wedding. The clock is ticking, a baseball collecting gangster holds the card hostage and  his wild and crazy partner Paul (Tracy) is all that stands between him and baseball card.

This Warner Bros. Entertainment film is directed by Kevin Smith (“Chasing Amy”), and executive produced and written by brothers Robb Cullen and Mark Cullen (FX’s “Lucky”). Producers include Marc Platt (“Wanted”), Polly Johnsen (“I Am Legend”) and Michael Tadross (“I Am Legend”).

“I walked away thinking he (Kevin Smith) is a really down to earth man and Bruce is humble, quite and a good man,” said Tracy when asked about his thoughts, since working on the film, about the popular direct and the iconic actor Bruce Willis.

Tracy Morgan credits his parents for instilling in him the characteristic that allowed him to believe he could achieve what he has.

“I witness all those things (in the film). I did not want that in my life,” Morgan pointed out when asked what made him seek out more than just his neighborhood. “My Father,” he continued, “said, ‘you got to do better than me’ and my mother she refused to lose us to the street, so I learned stubbornness from her.”

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Celebrities come out for L.A. King ice hockey player Wayne Simmonds in honor of Black History Month

Trueful & Roger E. Mosley (photo: Donald Carraway)

“We’re here to honor a black hockey player. There are only four black players, Simmonds is one, so we are here to honor Wayne Simmonds,” said actor Roger E. Mosley, best known for his role on the television series Magnum P.I., about why he was at a star filled reception at the Los Angeles Staple Center. “He sponsors programs catering to African-American kids. So we may have a few more in the future.”

Rev. Jessie Jackson, MLB Hall of Famer Eric Davis, legendary singer Florence LaRue (5th Dimensions); comedian/actor Joe Torry; actress Kyla Pratt; KiKi Shepard (Showtime at the Apollo); actor Ernest Thomas (“Everybody Hates Chris”); singer Tionne Williams; celebrity trainer Sam Bell; singer/songwriter Trueful, and veteran actor Roger E. Mosley (“Magnum P.I.”) were on hand to honor the only black ice hockey player on the L.A. Kings.

Wayne Simmonds is a native of Ontario and at the age of 16 he joined his first ice hockey team. Four years later he was playing for the 2008 World Junior Ice Hockey Championship. In the second part of the 2007 season he was drafted by the Los Angeles Kings and on October 14, 2008 he scored his first NHL goal.

The event was sponsored by KJLH Free 102.3 F.M. and The Los Angeles Sentinel Newspaper. Any proceeds went to benefit The Challengers Boys & Girls Club.

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