Trevor Brookins

*If modern estimates are correct, then 1 out of every 10 people is homosexual. If Kinsey’s research is valid, the number of people who have homosexual thoughts is much higher than 10%.

And if you believe Joe Francis and the internet, every woman in her late teens through her early twenties wants nothing more than naked lesbian sex.

In truth the bottom line is, no matter where you get your information, there are people in the United States who are not strictly heterosexual and to deny this fact is to purposely live in ignorance.

Recently the Obama administration has openly supported a repeal of the Don’t Ask Don’t Tell policy of our military regarding gay servicemen and servicewomen. This repeal is long overdue. It has been 40 years since American homosexuals have begun to openly participate in civilization – more than enough time for society to adjust.

There can be no illusions that theirs is a segment of the population that will always be present. To have a condition of public service to their country be that they must return to living their lives in secrecy is non-sensical. It is also discriminatory when their coworkers might openly display pictures and mementos of their heterosexual partners.

While there should be no restrictions for homosexuals to act as public servants in general, to place a restriction on military service is especially ridiculous. We are a country actively engaged in two military operations in addition to a tacit mission to intervene anywhere in the world in defense of democracy. There is no compulsory military service and recruiters for the armed services face such high quotas that the army is facing a suicide crisis among recruiters. Military services is in need of volunteers to such a degree that the last thing our government ought to be doing is turning people away for reasons that would not affect their job performance.

This seems familiar. It reminds me of segregated military units that persisted into the early years of the Cold War. African American soldiers acquitted themselves ably in battle until race was a non-issue. If given the same opportunity (by repealing Don’t Ask Don’t Tell and having gay soldiers “tell”) the issue of sexuality will follow the same path to oblivion.