*A third time was not the charm for “American Idol” contestant Angela Martin.

While dealing with the emotions surrounding her mother, who has been missing since the day after Christmas, the Chicago singer was given the news that she would not be among the top 24 despite her third time auditioning. [Watch footage below.]

But a glimmer of hope came from Angela’s sister, who told Fox Chicago that their mother Viola Brown Martin, was seen Friday near 55th and Halstead. Now instead of thinking the worst, the family believes — after 25 of being clean — their mother relapsed on drugs.

To say it’s been an emotional ride for Angela at “American Idol” would be a gross understatement. Her father was murdered right before Hollywood week during her first audition three years ago. Last year, she had to drop out of contention because of a warrant for her arrest over traffic tickets. She had to serve six days in jail because she couldn’t afford to pay up.

Viola Brown Martin

This year, her mother, 56, went missing shortly after Angela won a golden ticket to Hollywood. The family last saw her the day after Christmas when she left her Glenwood home to visit another sister who lives 20 minutes away. Viola’s car was found days later near 139th and Ashland.

Angela, who is also raising a special needs daughter with a neurological disorder, was hoping that her luck would finally turn around on Wednesday night. But the judges told her there were just too many strong girls this year for her to make the cut.

By phone from Los Angeles on Wednesday, she told Fox Chicago that she was number 25 — while only 24 will stay on and compete. Angela’s sister said she didn’t watch the show, because she couldn’t deal with anymore bad news.

Angela said she will return to Chicago and continue searching for her mom, hoping she will eventually come home for the help she needs.

In the meantime, one can only hope that Clive Davis, David Foster or any music mogul has recognized her amazing talent thus far and will offer her a record deal in the near future. She deserves it.