*You’ve seen it before. A knuckleheaded black dude starts smelling himself and begins selling wolf tickets to anybody nearby. And if there’s some white folks in the vicinity, he really goes off.

Now, we don’t have a clue as to what precipitated this confrontation between these two unidentified combatants, but it was caught on camera. From what we can see, the two are on a bus having an unagreeable discussion a/k/a an argument.

The 67-year-old white guy, seemingly the smarter of the two decides to change seats and walk away from the young black guy and finds another seat at the front of the bus.

However, dude wants to keep it going and follows the old man and gets in his face and then swings on him. Uh oh. Let’s just say that’ll probably be the last time bro man even thinks about confronting an old white person again.

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