*During a visit to the Bonnie Hunt Show Thursday, Australian Open champ Serena Williams explains why her sister Venus thought it would be cute to wear flesh-colored shorts during her tournament run.

As everyone now knows, the shorts’ nude color made it appear as if the elder Williams sister was going commando under her tennis ensemble, which she designed herself.

“Her outfit caused such a stir,” Bonnie said delicately.

“I was there when she was designing it,” said Serena. “The shorts, you can see that they’re brown. They were nude. So it looks like she wasn’t wearing shorts, but she was.”

“The whole nude thing, like when you see people go on the Oscars, they’re all wearing that skin tone, the skin flesh? That’s kinda what she did, and I guess she got a lot of press over it,” Serena said. “But she was totally covered. She didn’t care.”

View clip below. (Discussion of Venus’ outfit begins at 2:41.)