Screenshot from video of teen-girl being beaten in seattle

*A 15-year-old girl was brutally beaten at a mall bus terminal in Seattle while three security guards just stood by and watched. Security cameras caught the entire incident on tape.

While waiting for a bus in the tunnel at Westlake Center, the teen had alerted nearby security guards that a group of 10 teens had just harassed her at Macy’s. As the video below shows, she instinctively stands next to one of three male guards when she first notices the group coming for her off-screen.

But the guards did nothing to stop the impeding attack, nor did they intervene while it was taking place, later explaining they are contract workers, and their contract specifies that they’re only allowed to “observe and report.”

So the guards simply watch as a female assailant wrestles the victim to the ground and repeatedly punches, kicks and stomps her face until she doesn’t move.

The Jan. 28 attack and subsequent outrage has led Metro Transit to review its policies regarding their use of outsourced security guards. Transit General Manager Kevin Desmond told The Seattle Times that they simply followed “the letter of the policy.”

The alleged attacker was arrested last Friday and booked on charges of felony second-degree assault. Three more suspects–ranging in age from 18 to 20–were also apprehended on Saturday.

Despite the apparent brutality of the attack, the girl suffered only minor injuries like scrapes and bruises, as well as the loss of hair from it being pulled out.