*According to RadarOnline, Evander Holyfield’s wife, Candi Calvana Smith, is seeking a temporary protective order against the boxer after accusing him of hitting her in the face.

And what led to the alleged face splat? The website says the couple was arguing about the heat being off in the mansion where the couple and their children live. She tried to talk to Holyfield about the house being too cold.

“He told me I was only thinking about myself, the children’s hearts beat faster,” Smith wrote in the restraining order.

Holyfield allegedly urged her to “put god first in her life” before hitting her in the face, head and back. According to the article, “Candi also claims that Holyfield has hurt her before and that he has been violent in the presence of their children.”

Inn the restraing order Smith also clams that Holyfield has been physical with her before:

“In 2008 he choked me in front of our daughter and house keeper. In 2009 he has hit me in front of the children. He has grabbed me in front of the children. A couple of weeks ago he threw a bottle of water at me.”

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