*Will and Jada Pinkett Smith are at the center of a legal dispute with a financier over a botched movie that went straight to DVD without making a dime.

According to documents filed Friday (Feb. 5) in L.A. County Superior Court, the Smiths claim that David Grasso is threatening to sue them over what he believes to be allegations the pair “guaranteed” a return on his investment in the film, titled “The Human Contract.”

The Smiths dispute Grasso’s claims, saying they “made no such representations.”

Although the Smiths are not interested in suing Grasso for money, TMZ.com reports the pair wants a judge to declare that they are not liable for the money lost by the investor.

Jada Pinkett-Smith (bottom) in "The Human Contract"

A representative for the couple addressed the issue while telling the site that “although we normally shun this type of controversy, we felt compelled to respond to the baseless threats and absurd allegations put forth by Mr. Grasso’s counsel.”

Written and directed by Pinkett-Smith, the story followed a relationship between a successful but unhappy businessman (Jason Clarke) and a mysterious, free-spirited stranger Paz Vega who tempts him into exploring reckless love.

Idris Elba and Ted Danson co-star in the film, which was executive produced by Will Smith and marked Jada’s directorial debut.

In light of the drama making no money and going straight to DVD last year, the couple confessed, “it is unlikely that it will ever make a profit.”