*Protesters outraged at an upcoming concert by Akon threw rocks at a Sri Lankan private broadcaster’s headquarters Monday, injuring four workers and damaging the building, reports the Associated Press.

Police spokesman Prishantha Jayakody said several protesters against the concert were arrested after hurling stones at a facility housing the Majaraja Organization, said the broadcaster sponsoring the concert scheduled for April in the capital Colombo.

About 200 people suddenly gathered outside the office in Colombo and threw stones at the building, said Chevan Daniel, head of news at Maharaja broadcasting. Four workers suffered injuries that were not serious, he said.

Placards left at the scene read, “Stop Akon’s show.”

Some Sri Lankans accuse the singer of desecrating an image of Buddha in the music video for “Sexy Chick,” his single with David Guetta.  [Watch below.] The clip features scantily clad women dancing at a pool party with a Buddha statue visible in the background. Sri Lanka’s ethnic majority Sinhalese are mainly Buddhists.