Ann Nesby

*Ann Nesby, the reigning Queen of Inspirational Soul, was introduced on record to music fans 19 years ago as a featured vocalist with Sounds of Blackness on the Billboard Top 5 single “Optimistic.”

Since then, Nesby has proven to be an enduring presence in Gospel, R&B and Dance music with her healing contralto fueling 4 #1 Urban Adult singles, 3 Top 2 Billboard Dance singles and 6 Grammy® nominations in both Gospel and R&B categories.

This year, her self-penned song “Sow Love” was nominated in the Best Traditional R&B Vocal Performance category adding to her legacy of songs which champion compassion and love.

Behind the hit records and the critical acclaim is a woman of deep faith and caring who views her career in music as a ministry for the people.  In 1996, long before the discovery of life prolonging retro-viral drug therapies, and in the face of much criticism from the Church community, Nesby lent her artistry and financial support to people living with AIDS by appearing at Gay dance clubs offering her message of healing and by pledging a portion of her royalties from “I’m Here For You” to charities.

At that time the face of the disease was very different, but time has revealed a stark new reality. The same black women who fell in love with her songs like “This Weekend,” celebrating her love with her husband Tim, have now become the new face of AIDS. According to Black AIDS Institute – 70% of all new HIV cases are minority women of color – with no end to the epidemic in sight.

While the Church community eventually caught up to the reality of the crisis, Ann Nesby’s commitment to people living with HIV/AIDS continues. March 7th, Ann returned to Minneapolis, where she began her career with Sounds of Blackness, to participate in a kick-off event at Shiloe Temple International Ministries for The National Week of Prayer for the Healing of AIDS. The faith-based program coordinated nationally  by The Balm In Gilead, Inc. takes place March 7 – 13th and is supported and recognized by President Obama and a wide range of Religious leaders.

“In the early days, I lost so many friends and associates to the disease that supporting people with HIV/AIDS was never a question. Today, there’s a new generation who need to feel loved and supported by their community. I’m glad that I was asked to participate in the National Week of Prayer for the Healing of AIDS.” – Ann Nesby

2010 will continue to find Ann Nesby touring in the hit stage play “The Lord Will Make A Way” with fellow Grammy® nominee Calvin Richardson as well as other high profile concert appearances. Nesby, who American Idol’s Randy Jackson called “one of the best singers in the known world,” is quietly prepping for her 20th Anniversary Career celebration for next year with a new album, an Inspirational book, and an autobiographical movie “Going All The Way: The Ann Nesby Story” in development.

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