Hidden revelations in your life, some of which you may not want to have exposed so nakedly, find the light of day. Normally, I would recommend you pull the blanket over your head and ride out the storm, but that will take place automatically late on the 3rd and all day on the 4th, when the Moon is in ultra-secretive Scorpio. Prior to those two days, all will be revealed and, depending on whether you’ve been a good boy or girl, it will disrupt your peace or get that giant weight off your back. Will it come back to bite you? Find out over the weekend, when truthful Sagittarians let you know where you stand, socially.


Wishful thinking comes in handy this forecast period, as what you really want is to be comfortable in all endeavors in life. You trigger suspense by skillfully manipulating events this week to your advantage, so that, by the end of this forecast, you are in the driver’s seat. Be aware that not all your maneuverings are for selfish reasons. Rather, you see a bigger picture, one that will reveal itself over the weekend, but only to you. That insight allows you to steer others away from a decision that could possibly cause emotional distress to those close to you. You will be hailed as a conquering hero/heroine.


Your forecast starts with an urge to unite disparate thoughts into a coherent stream of information. Your focus is particularly sharp from the 3rd to the 5th, days when preparations fall neatly into place for you. Best be ready for the weekend when the Last Quarter Moon in Sagittarius-your opposite sign-hurls you into the public eye. You’re prepared for financial burdens that come your way by the morning of the 8th. Energy is not a worry, especially on that day. As a matter of fact, you will overwhelm others with knowledge previously thought to be too advanced for common consumption.


An emotional week stems around either staying put or hitting the road. The first part of that equation revolves around a still-unresolved problem at home. The most specific I can get is that there is a harmony and trust issue that you must address. Whatever the problem, it will come to the forefront over the weekend, and will involve love, what with Venus moving into headstrong Aries on the 7th, exactly opposite retrograde Saturn in Libra, never an easy aspect. Perhaps it will be wise to hit the road and clear your head with a long drive to give you time to think matters through.


Peace offerings on the 2nd go over well, provided your sentiments come from the heart. If you’ve been involved in a power struggle recently, use the 3rd and 4th to exert your influence. Those are days when you are at your strongest, sharpest and most determined. Your accomplishments in that time will allow you to be free of responsibilities the entire weekend. However, once the 8th comes around, those responsibilities pop up and dominate your actions. Do not worry. Vibrations similar to those on the 3rd and 4th prove that you are the right person to lead others to complete a special task.


Make sure that all communications with the public are clear and to the point. What you say this forecast period, and into the next, gets magnified and may be misconstrued. It’s as if others are so anxious to hear what you say that you may blurt out just any old thing to get out of their faces and into a world of your own. The 3rd and 4th are days when you will be quicker mentally, but come the weekend, you may let something slip that should have been left under wraps. That’s okay, as the 8th highlights your usually impeccable organizing skills. But again, be sure that what you say is accurate.


Let’s jump directly to the 7th, when your ruling planet, Venus, enters your opposite sign of Aries. You will experience those movie moments when all is right with the world, and you are right on top of it. It’s an early jump on spring fever. Productive days for Libra are the 3rd and 4th, when nothing but money and higher finances dominate your thoughts and gear you toward thinking about what’s best for you. Normally, you want to please others. Only glitch in this whole equation is that you need to be more selfish. Sounds strange, but you will like the feeling of all eyes on you.


This week starts off with a chip on Scorpio’s shoulder. You laugh, as it seems that there always is drama when it comes to this sign. Well, you will see the Scorpio sting in full effect on the 3rd and 4th, when the Moon is in your sign. Sensitivity is the key this week, so please practice empathy as much as possible. There is an over-riding sense that you must be of service to others in order to feel comfortable. Give it a try, even at one of the many parties you’ll be invited to over the weekend. Business-wise, the 8th brings about plenty of opportunities to make quite an impression.


Don’t let details screw up plans. Put another way, check and re-check all the facts, even if your gut says you are finished with an important project. You are juggling too many balls in the air to focus on the one thing that should be commanding your attention. Pay attention to events on the 3rd and 4th, days when you see the big picture and all its components. Then, over the weekend, your creative fire bubbles to the surface and you will finish with a flare that will dazzle your co-workers on the 8th. There is a lucky charm that reveals itself on the 7th. He or she will make themselves known that day.


A bumpy start to the beginning of this forecast settles into a nice groove by its end. There’s still a business matter that hasn’t quite reached a fulfilling end. It has to do with equality, a subject you’d rather sweep under the rug, but you would be wise to see that everyone is treated fairly. It’s a given that you will learn about a hidden agenda over the weekend, but those around you are really trying to do the right thing around the home. Chances are that you will find out, act put off, but not hold a grudge. Things are going too well for you to rock the boat at this time.


If you’re not bringing in a ton of dollars, you only have yourself to blame, as all aspects point to an abundance of riches in many areas of your life for at least several months. Of course, it may also signal a bountiful love affair that has you giggling with youthful joy. Pretty much anything Aquarians say, especially from the 7th on, will come out smelling like a dozen fragrant roses. The real surprise is how clear your thinking is. That’s because you trust your instincts, and have for a while. But you may have been caught off guard with the attention your birth sign has enjoyed recently.


How did last forecast’s Full Moon affect you? I ask because the public seems to like what you do, wants to be around you and soak in the generous vibes you recently acquired. There may be a love interest that will seem to come and go in an instant, perhaps on the 3rd. It will not be the conventional romance you’ve been looking for, no knight – or damsel – to sweep you off your feet forever. Whatever the situation, you will have your hands full taking care of business over the weekend, so don’t plan a quick getaway just yet. Settle a problem face-to-face on the 8th, as direct words lead to a satisfactory solution.

Wanda Sykes – Born March 7, 1964

*Actor/comedian/talk show host Wanda Sykes is a literal force of nature with many planets in strong positions. First off, Ms. Sykes was born with her Sun in gentle Pisces and the Moon in tell-all Sagittarius.

With this Sun/Moon combination, Wanda could not keep a secret if her life depended on it. But she is quite capable of getting the smallest secret out of anyone that hangs around her for any appreciable period.

Neptune in Scorpio endows Ms. Sykes with a sexual drive that puts her in the driver’s seat in any love affair – and she is now happily married. It seems that this will be a long relationship because Venus in Taurus is in loose opposition to dreamy Neptune, and both are in fixed signs, blessing the two with stability and impressionable empathy.

Here’s the kicker: Mars joins Ms. Sykes’ Sun and Mercury in Pisces, giving her a quick and facile mind, one you wouldn’t want to challenge in any laugh-off. With a square or 90 degree aspect to her fiery Sagittarius Moon, Ms. Sykes is a formidable foe in any debate.

And here’s another sure thing: Ms Sykes can get downright serious with Saturn in Aquarius, which can often put too much of a burden on her to carry more of a load of responsibility than she should. But knowing Wanda Sykes and her entire chart, she can handle anything, and laugh all the way to the bank.