You may feel as if you have a split personality this week. First, you are about to leave a sector of the zodiac that finds you being more introspective than normal. Then, on the 20th, the Sun enters your sign and energizes pretty much all aspects of your life. This is the time to follow your muse, as you are in a power position from the 20th on. You are into displaying your wares, and refuse to be shy, especially on the 16th and 17th, when the Moon in your sign forewarns of things to come. Watch your sensitivity, as it will be prickly at this time.


This is a good forecast period for wrapping up plans to take your career to the next level. You are at full strength from the 18th to late afternoon of the 20th, when the Moon in your sign positively energizes the Sun in the compatible Water sign of Pisces. This endows you with precognitive vibes with which you are encouraged to follow your impulses. In fact, the weekend is packed with activities that may stretch you further than you wish. Make sure you communicate your feelings accurately on the 22nd.


This is a particularly energetic week for Gemini, as you find that areas concerning future employment, a stubborn co-worker and your ability to adapt are called into serious consideration. Be advised that things will seem to be on cruise control the first half of this forecast. Then, the weekend finds you being pulled in so many directions that you will feel slightly overwhelmed. But you actually relish the frantic pace. Be aware of the 16th, when unpredictable events thrust a burden on you.


The fast track to success is highlighted this entire forecast. You are about to enter into fields that you have observed only from the outside. Take advantage of the opportunity to showcase a deep well of experience that has allowed you to get by with minimal effort. I point specifically to the 16th, 17th, and the 20th through the 22nd when you must be clear about a special project. Others will take advantage of your expertise and push you to clearly state your case. Make sure they learn from you and vice-versa.


On the 16th, you finally receive the recognition that has avoided you for some time. Love is stirring up so much activity that you should take the time to stay on the right track. You have a certain animal attraction that makes you both mysterious and knowledgeable at the same time. In other words, you are beloved for your gray matter as your physique. The only bump in the road comes on the 18th, when the Moon in Taurus aggravates a stubborn streak that must be overcome in order for you to succeed.


This is the final week of a forecast period that found you in the spotlight. Most Virgos shun the public, preferring to keep to themselves and do the dirty work without fanfare. The 18th is a day that points to a struggle to simply get your point across without stirring up trouble. This stems from impulsive Mercury in Aries opposite intractable Saturn in Libra. And Saturn is retrograde, meaning you’d better take money matters seriously or pay the price later.


The 16th and 17th are good days for stating your case, especially when it comes to laying out plans that will liberate you from depending on others to suddenly being the one in charge of the purse strings. Then, on the 20th, you are fully in charge of your destiny, when the Sun enters your opposite sign of Aries for a month-long stay. That’s the time to apply your expertise in linking others together for a common good: Just realize that there will be misunderstandings caused by your newfound authority.


There have been things on your mind that have bugged you, but you don’t see that you may be the problem. Not to be harsh, but others don’t really see every little detail like the probing Scorpio. You’ll find out exactly where the trouble lies on the 18th and 19th, when the Moon in Taurus (your opposite sign) reveals just who the thorn is in your life. On the up side, the weekend brings all kinds of opportunities to fatten your checking and savings accounts.


Your brashness allows you to make friends easily. That’s because you like to lay it all on the line and let the truth be the guide. Choose the 16th to get your point across to others, as that day is the smoothest you’ll experience this week. I’m a betting person that you will find the weekend to be one of the best you’ve had in quite a while. When the Sun enters Aries on the 20th, you’ll be able to get a strong point across to others; they will hang on your every word.


If you have any connections to make, repair or just to catch up on friends, you’ll generate attention, so long as you don’t act so bossy. That’s a natural Capricorn trait, but one that usually doesn’t come with abusive baggage; the Goat only wants the best for his/her subordinates. The 16th and 17th are a concern when it comes to your home, and you’ll find what the problem is when the Sun enters Aries on the 20th. This combination centers on rules and regulations. Don’t get bogged down in particulars right now.


Aquarians have one last chance to get your money matters in order, and you have until the 20th to do so. Then, sparks fly around a hot and heavy romance, so whatever you say to your significant other will be taken with honey dripping all over it. The flirty Aquarians among you may want to take the weekend to really let your flowing hair down, pull out the most romantic movie you can think of, and nail that elusive love down.  Don’t worry, you will succeed!


Chew on this: You love order more than you let on. Reflective of your opposite sign of Virgo, you want to view the world as being generous and kind, but your soul seems to be bruised at the slightest provocation. Stand your ground, especially on the 18th and 19th, and charge ahead with your well-thought-out plans, no matter who objects. You’ll be seen as a visionary who can be trusted to have everyone’s safety in mind. Money moves front and center come the 20th.

CELEBRITY BIRTHDAY: Queen Latifah – Born March 18, 1970

Queen Latifah

Her royal highness, Queen Latifah, has the perfect astrological combination that befits her name. Not Dana Owens, her given name.

To clarify, Latifah was born with the Sun in Pisces and her Moon in the showy, royal and flashy sign of Leo. There are more actors with some strong configuration in Leo than any other astrological sign.

It’s the “LOOK AT ME!” sign, and one that draws out the usually subdued Pisces. However, Queen Latifah also has other configurations that add to her bravado, whether acting, singing or rapping (something her devoted fans would like to hear more of).

For instance, her Mars and serious Saturn are in ultra-stubborn Taurus, a combination that can usually point to being abrasive and, yes, abusive if not tamed. This gives her a strong, distinctive voice and, with both planets in opposition to giant Jupiter in Scorpio, her magnetism is a given. Also, she WILL get her way in pretty much any situation, so whoever lives or deals with this Queen had better be prepared for a dual personality. But I am too rough on this very fine actor.

And I am happy that she is exactly who she is with that brilliant Sun in Pisces, for it softens her and makes her more willing to sublimate an urge to dominate any given situation.  

Lastly, Queen Latifah thinks far more introspectively than normal, and I dare say that she has something of a psychic in her. She knows when trouble is coming, but she will be able to handle any difficult situation.