The Ram remains strong this forecast period, aided by persuasive Venus on the 31st. You have a major decision on tap regarding your public persona, one that will find you taking stock of your possessions, including friends. It’s all good, as money becomes an obsession that culminates on the 2nd, 4th and 5th, when you are suddenly recognized as a financial genius. Use your knowledge to enlighten others on how to improve their lot in life. On the 1st, break down and floss your teeth.  


Your ruler, Venus, enters your sign on the 31st, putting you in a position to be the king or queen and have your minions fawning all over you. This is also a day when the Moon is in your opposite sign of Scorpio, giving you an intensity that may draw you to the bedroom for a deliciously sensual romp. Your thinking becomes clearer on the 4th and 5th when you will be far more prepared for battle than any of your business associates. On the 1st, wipe the constant drool from your mouth. It’s embarrassing.


Talkative Gemini sees a challenge this week and faces off his/her opponent with an onslaught on words that clearly state the Twins’ position. If you want extra sting in your verbal assault, pick the 31st, when the Moon is in Scorpio and directs your words straight to the core. By the 3rd and 4th, you will be in a more genial mood and all will be forgiven. As a matter of fact, you will have no trouble in recruiting friends to your side. On the 1st, drink as much prune juice as you can stomach.


Your home life is highlighted on the 30th, so make sure that you are caught up on all your chores. A little love music helps to stimulate a love life that could use a spark, which you will find no shortage of over the weekend. By the end of this forecast period, specifically on the 5th, a business decision may point to a new direction in your life. It’s best to partner up, as two minds are better than one. On the 1st, purchase a toenail clipper; those nails are dangerously long and sharp.


You are aided by an unknown energy that is fueling a wave of creativity you haven’t felt in a long time. With Venus entering stubborn Taurus on the 31st, you may also feel a clash is inevitable in your love life. It’s not a clash at all, just your significant other stirring up some excitement for you, which will come into view on the 2nd. You are apt to say something that will make the weekend as loose as possible. On the 1st, you find yourself on the F.B.I.’s “Most Wanted” list.


Money matters start off your forecast period on a bright note. The checkbook is balanced and you’ve paid off your debts to everyone’s satisfaction. Deep discussions are called for on a matter that is dear to your heart. On the 2nd, and you may find yourself in heated arguments over the weekend because of your insistence on hearing the truth. Don’t worry, Venus has your back on the 31st in love. On the 1st, your “gas” problem explodes with a richness that guarantees a lonely evening.


You find yourself in the spotlight on the 30th, what with the Moon in your sign begging you to help settle a score. The 31st is when the payback begins for a very generous favor you did for someone, so don’t be embarrassed by all the attention. The weekend holds a promise for sport and story-telling. You will find the words flowing effortlessly in your quest to impress a significant other with your considerable knowledge. On the 1st, pick your nose in front of your boss.


Trying to figure out how to balance your social life is, to be honest, a waste of time. You have more charisma in your little finger than most people have in their whole bodies, and others recognize that. Shake things up by sticking to a game plan that offers excitement and adventure. Avoid introspection, especially on the 2nd, when you may be a little bit slower to recognize your sensitive side, resulting in a moodiness that is gargantuan. On the 1st, go body surfing naked.


Affairs of the heart bring you closer to finding that elusive soulmate this forecast period. It’s been a struggle because you value honesty in all your relationships, and you have been frustrated by an onslaught of phoniness and outright con games. Perhaps it’s time to get serious about having fun and not to be so focused on nabbing the “right one.” Take the weekend to simply let go of your self-imposed restrictions. On the 1st skip your weight loss program and order extra fries and a triple cheeseburger.


At the very beginning of this forecast, you get a hint of how fair – or not – the world can be, as a decision needs your expert business insight and perspective. There’s no pressure in exacting your wisdom, so long as you balance the good and the bad. The 4th and 5th are your strong days because the Moon transits your sign. Take those days to put your stamp on an important business project. On the 1st, request extra napkins at lunch or dinner; you’ll need them, what with your sloppy eating habits.


With communications between you and your significant other going smoothly, take the time to talk about your mutual goals in life. You will want to be gentle about it, as any talk of settling down may upset the free-wheeling apple cart ride you’ve been enjoying lately. This is a period that brings you together with a person who might aid you without taking advantage of you, a comforting thought in this cruel world. On the 1st, gargle often. That atrocious breath of yours could knock over a bull.


If the money is not flowing in right about now, then you have no one to blame but yourself. There are all kinds of ideas flowing in your mind that only need to have a fire put under them and nurtured to fruition. Take the weekend to figure out which project is best to focus on. On the 5th, business dominates your thoughts, and it’s all for good because you are more in a mood to legally protect your intellectual property. On the 1st, scrap the pooh off your shoes.

CELEBRITY BIRTHDAY: Eddie Murphy – Born April 3, 1961

With his Sun in Aries and the Moon in secretive Scorpio, Eddie Murphy draws on a deep well of emotions to sketch out the many characters he has portrayed over the years.

His Mercury in ultra-sensitive Pisces allows him to instinctively absorb a role effortlessly, as well as allowing him to quickly figure out what is needed in any role he undertakes.

Saturn in its home rulership of Capricorn gives Murphy a solid sense of his place in any business transaction.

In fact, he is quite formidable when it comes to money, thanks to generous Jupiter also in alignment with Saturn. With Mars in Cancer, the sign covering the home, and in a not-so-pleasant opposition to Saturn, Murphy may have had a tumultuous upbringing.

Neptune in Scorpio gives a dreamy outlook on life, and a career in movies that is the envy of most actors.