*The eye-roll that Samuel L. Jackson gave while applauding Mo’Nique’s Oscar acceptance speech has been the topic of much debate since Sunday’s telecast.

Cameras just happened to catch it while filming reaction shots from various black people in the audience, including Morgan Freeman.

While Jackson has yet to explain what he was thinking, many viewers took it as a negative reaction to Mo’Nique’s speech, which called out those who criticized her for refusing to take part in the long-standing practice of Oscar campaigning.

Mo’Nique has finally weighed in on the situation, telling WJLB in Detroit that the look has been completely misinterpreted.

The best actress winner said she and Jackson were actually talking right before her category was announced about how incredible it would be if she won.

“That was nothin’ but a love look homie,” Mo’Nique explained.

Click here for audio of Mo’Nique’s WJLB interview. Scroll down for video of Samuel L’s “love look.”