Audrey J. Bernard

*Arise Magazine’s fashion show has once again arisen to the top of the fashion charts with the triumvirate return of African creativity and global design under the tents at the Mercedes-Benz Fall 2010 Fashion Show.

Africa’s leading global style and culture magazine presented its African Collective Part III showcase of eclectic African fashion on Saturday, February 13, 2010 to a packed to the rafter crowd of discerning fashionistas who loved the presentment of the best of the best of African fashion and abundant use of Black models.

The electrifying creations of Lagos-based Deola Sagoe, exciting emerging designer Loin Cloth and Ashes from Tanzania, and Black Coffee designers Jacques van der Watt and Danica Lepen, were runway favorites.

At show’s end, front row enthusiasts, including Black fashion advocate Bethann Hardison, known for her belief in the power of diversity on Seventh Avenue and of her ongoing effort to have designers give equal opportunities to African Americans on and off the runway, gave the designers a thunderous ovation.  Delightfully deelish!  (Photos courtesy Mercedes-Benz/Getty Images)

Audrey J. Bernard is an established chronicler of Black society and Urban happenings based in the New York City area.