*Beyoncé has admitted that she and her husband Jay-Z have a marriage contract, but she’s keeping the details to herself.

There were reports early on that the celebrity couple had a $10 million minimum two year marriage contract.

Beyonce wouldn’t confirm or deny the numbers, but told German magazine Neon: “I do not deny that there is a marriage contract. I would encourage any woman getting married to put on such a treaty, it will gain more influence on self-esteem. For details, I don’t express myself. I am not here on trial.”

The 28-year-old superstar also spoke to Neon about life being easier as a millionaire.

“The fear of the student — have no future, being dependent on her boyfriend — objectively weigh heavier than the fears that torment me,” she said. “Only music from subjective feeling arises – and subjective fears, many musicians have lost. We feel pain and depression, just like other people. What separates us, is perhaps the price of butter. But all that is essential, I feel like every hard working woman.”

Beyoncé continued: “For example, I believe that in my relationship with Jay-Z – as in any genuine relationship – not everything is easy. I want children – not now, later. He’s entirely not aware of that fact yet. I want to sit around at home, also times in a tracksuit pants. He assumes and believes that women even wear high heels just to go to the bathroom.”