*Three years after U.K. government officials banned Snoop Dogg from stepping foot on its soil, the rapper has won a hard-fought legal battle to regain entry.

The artist, real name Calvin Broadus, ran afoul of immigration officials in 2006 when he was arrested following a scrap at London’s Heathrow Airport. The following year, he was denied entry into the country, with authorities arguing his previous convictions for drugs and firearms offenses made him a threat.

Snoop has been battling the ruling ever since. He enlisted famous pals David Beckham and Sir Paul McCartney to help convince officials that he meant no harm.

The ban was lifted in 2008, but government officials took the case to the Court of Appeal, where it was decided the judge who reversed the ruling may have “misinterpreted the test of exclusion.”

Snoop then took the case to a U.K. Asylum and Immigration Tribunal on Feb 26, with the star’s lawyers urging officials to take into consideration his work as a high-school football coach and appearances on family-friendly TV shows including “The View” and his “Father Hood” reality series.

Today, two senior immigration judges ruled that border authorities were wrong to deny Snoop entry.