Jermaine Jackson and two of his kids

*The LA County Department of Child and Family Services has reportedly been dispatched to the Jackson family home over a stun gun delivered to one of Jermaine Jackson’s minor children.

According to, Jermaine’s son ordered the item online for delivery three weeks ago. His possession of the device concerned someone connected to the family, who in turn called the child welfare office.

“Mrs. Jackson is doing the utmost to safeguard the welfare of her grandchildren,” said lawyer Adam Streisand, who represents the family’s matriarch Katherine Jackson. He added that it’s “normal” for officials to come back and do a follow-up.

Officials are apparently returning to the house in Encino, Calif. today (March 2) as part of the ongoing investigation.

Jermaine’s brother Randy Jackson confirmed that the stun gun was intercepted by security and that the kids never obtained it.

Jackson family home in Encino, California