Angela Carr Patterson

*One of the things I love about this journey called life is the many lessons that comes our way. Often time people or situations show up in our lives to teach us valuable lessons about who we are and where we are.

I was recently confronted with an issue that challenged me in a way I had not been tested in a very long time.  In the midst of this challenge, I must admit that I was tempted to shift from my place of love and allowing to a place of resistance and protection.

Although I chose to remain on God’s ground of love, I did feel a little resistance at first. But I immediately shifted and began to remind myself that I have chosen to live from a space of love and not fear. I could choose to react or I could choose to respond….I chose the latter.

I reminded myself of who I was and who am constantly becoming, regardless of what someone else’s opinion of me may or may not be.  I realized that we can never convince a person of something different when their minds are already made up. As Bergson says, “The eye sees only what the mind is prepared to comprehend.”  

We have no control over how we are perceived, we do however, have control over how we choose to love.  When we understand that all things happen in life to teach us something about ourselves, we will blame less and learn to grow more. I am grateful for this test because it forced me to take a deeper look within myself for places where I may be in need of more love or more healing.

So the next time you are hit with a situation that challenges you, take the time to ask yourself “what is really happening here?” “What am I to learn from this?”   I passed this test with flying colors. And what happens when you pass a test? You get promoted!! Now that calls for a celebration!

Will we make mistakes in life? Of course we will. Will we get it wrong sometimes? Absolutely!  Will others misinterpret who you are? You better believe they will. But when this happens, will you respond or will you react? Where you have chosen to live, love or fear, will determine your next promotion in life.

Angela Carr Patterson is a Lifestyle Coach, Author and Transformational Speaker.  She is the founder of The Love Lifestyle Center, and The Love Story Women Circle , an online global community of women seeking to embrace love, celebration and transformation in their lives. Their goal is to reach one million women through the internet. Contact via [email protected]