Angela Carr Patterson

*My computer shut down on me the other day and I panicked. I panicked because I thought I had lost everything on my computer. When I say that I panicked, I really lost it. After finally realizing that I couldn’t fix the problem, I began to remind myself of the things that I really knew.

I know this happened for a reason. When I surrendered to the possibility of losing all of my files, I felt a sigh of relief enter into my being. I began to ask myself, “What would happen if I lost everything on my computer?” Would the world come to an end? Would I have to close my business? Would someone die from me losing my files? The answer to all of these questions were no.

So why was I getting so upset about losing my files? I had to go deeper to discover the answer. And the answer I did find.  I was upset because it was something that I didn’t have the power to control. In my to find some answers, I needed to be reminded that there are just some things that are totally out of my control. Yes I believe we can live our lives by design. Yes, I believe we have the power to change our lives. But we do not have the power to prevent life from happening to us.

Where my power lies is in my ability to response correctly to life’s problems in order to create the results I desire. And we can always do this by remaining on God’s ground…..Love! How could love enter and heal this situation for me? By focusing on the good that would come from my computer being down for an entire weekend.

I began to look for ways to spend more time with my family. I also went to visit a friend whom I haven’t seen in quite some time. I spent some time watching television and I laughed my socks off. My husband and I spent some real time together and I wasn’t rushed with the fact that I had a deadline to meet. I had one of the best weekends ever.

When my computer guy finally arrived on Sunday night, I was almost disappointed that he fixed the problem within twenty minutes. I realized in that moment that I was too attached to my computer and my work. I needed to spend more time doing what was most important to me. I got it…I really did get this lesson. My husband told me that he was so happy the computer was gone.  
I am grateful that my computer was down. Why? Because what I gained in this situation was worth so much more than any income I would have generated through my online businesses.
Sometimes when we think we are in control, but God has a way of letting us know what is really real and what is not.  It is when we surrender the control that we can begin to step up in our full power!! And that’s what I really know for sure!!

Angela Carr Patterson is a Lifestyle Coach, Author and Transformational Speaker.  She is the founder of The Love Lifestyle Center, and The Love Story Women Circle , an online global community of women seeking to embrace love, celebration and transformation in their lives. Their goal is to reach one million women through the internet. Contact via [email protected]