*A deputy who arrested NFL star Joey Porter during a traffic stop over the weekend is reportedly being investigated for s under investigation for police brutality.

According to reports, the Arizona Cardinals linebacker was stopped at a Taco Bell in Bakersfield, CA and arrested for allegedly slapping the deputy’s hand away as he tried to unlock Porter’s car door.

The athlete is claiming the deputy manhandled him, striking him in the face.

TMZ.com is reporting that the CHP has launched an Internal Affairs investigation into the deputy’s conduct.

Porter’s agent tells the Web site: “It’s unfortunate that Joey has to endure the negative fallout surrounding this investigation.”

The agent added, “Joey has always been respectful and supportive of law enforcement in Bakersfield; the fact that one officer acted inappropriately will not change his views. We are confident that Joey will be exonerated from any wrong doing after all the facts have been reviewed.”