*You know Mo’Nique, don’t you? Sure you do! You groaned at her role in “Soul Plane” and when she hosted “Showtime at the Apollo” you said, “She aight, but Steve Harvey was better.”

It took you damn near 2 years before you would admit “The Parkers” was funny. You hated and hated and now that she’s a world renowned darling you she’s the toast of the town.

But comedienne Mo’Nique … excuse us, Oscar-winning, international star Mo’Nique still loves you. But there’s one question she could do without.

The question asked of many stars when they reach what Hollywood deems their zenith to be: ‘What’s different now that you’re the s***?’ Is she tired of hearing it? That, in a nutshell, is what our Lee Bailey asked Monique.

“Great question” said Monique. She then reflected on it briefly. “I keep getting those questions like, ‘How’s your life changed since the Oscar’ I’m like ‘Well, I done told you already now.’ It’s like Hmm, what you want me to say to that?” Though she says she’s tired of that question this opinionated Baltimore native is never at a lost for words on any subject. Especially when that subject is hers truly.

“You know, I am very appreciative of that award as I am appreciative of the NAACP Image award as with every award that I’ve gotten during this journey. I’m appreciative of the award, but the reward is better. The reward of having changed some people’s lives is even better. So, the thing is ‘how my life changed after the Oscar’ just for me getting it the next day was great. But I feel like the universe would say ‘Is that it? Is that all? After all you’ve received and you’re going to base it all on that one night? Ok, ok!” We don’t think Monique has anything to worry about because it appears as though the universe, or somebody up there, has her best interest in mind.

Tune in next time to hear how Monique became successful in love and, wouldn’t you know it, old boy was right under her nose.