*Queen’s Scribe announces the debut release of “The Illusion of Everything Sacred” by author Queenetta Ross-Davis, on April 1, 2010, and available at www.queensscribe.com and online bookstores, just in time as the topic of infidelity is splattered in the national headlines again.

In this ambiguous world where relationships and stability doesn’t coexist, the evasiveness of marital bliss is manifested in the lives of a group of friends as they cope with the challenges of monogamy. Few things are rarely what they seem, for behind every love story, behind every relationship, buried within every happy ending, there’s always a degree of illusiveness.

While navigating the intricacies of life and love, the realization that vows have been broken and that the sacrament of wedded bliss desecrated, the fallout from this illusiveness culminates with deadly consequences. As “Never would I ever” transforms into their new reality, these Urbanites discovers what happens when everything you’ve held sacred, dearest, abandons you, and what it means to dangerously flirt upon a profound level of lunacy – lunacy that was provoked, sanity that was compromised, rationale that has been forsaken and, all because of an ILLUSION.

The Illusion of Everything Sacred is a must read in that it provides insight as to how these characters handle the realization of their illusion. As these Urbanites are forced to answer tough questions about life, love, infidelity, lies, and divorce, the consequences of this reality tests the boundaries of their relationships. In the end, these women find strength and perseverance in their friendship and rely on one another as they struggle with their new reality.

Throughout this turbulent odyssey, friendships that once appeared indestructible may prove fragile after all, love affairs will be ignited, passions will blaze and be set free, freedom as most of us know it will be compromised, marriages tested and left in limbo, and scandalous secrets unleashed, all in a matter of thirty-six hours as the realization of this illusion unravels.

About Queenetta Ross-Davis

Queenetta Ross-Davis, a native Houstonian, graduated from Texas Southern University with her bachelor’s degree in Business, and is currently pursuing her MBA.

Queenetta’s artistry can be best described as theatrical. Her knack for narrating climatic scenes of urban fiction leaves you breathless and entangled in her web of chaos.

Drama knows no boundaries in her world as she routinely incite you to feel and impel you to embrace her artistry.

For more information about “The Illusion of Everything Sacred,” please visit www.queensscribe.com or contact Queenetta Ross-Davis at (713) 632-5212.

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