Grady Washington

*Pro-Per Records artist Grady Washington has released his hit single “LETS BE MORE THAN FRIENDS” from his soon to be released album titled “The Grady’s Love.”

Grady’s single is getting much airplay on LOVE DROP RADIO.COM a Las Vegas, Nevada internet radio station. The single has been highly requested by listeners of all demographics on this globally heard radio station. Many ladies that are worldwide are calling in requesting “LETS BE MORE THAN FRIENDS.”

“We have received more than 300 requests to play his song per day,” says’s main man J.R. Perry. “Grady Washington is coming with the fire and heat. This smooth and sexy ballad has already captured global appeal in its short time of airing. His vocals will remind you of the great late Teddy Pendergrass with melodic, strong sultry tones.”

Grady Washington is a native of Detroit, Michigan and has come from a very large family of sixteen siblings. Grady is the baby boy. Grady’s older brother Gino Washington was one of the first to hit in the music industry from the Washington clan. In the 60s, 70s and 80s Gino had many #1 hit records and his nephew Keith Washington also had many hits in the late 80s and 90s. Grady’s live shows are truly amazing. He is a true entertainer at heart and coming from such a big family of music icons, Grady may be the last of the Washington’s but he is will be the first to restore soul music back to the air waves in 2010.

Grady’s single will re-open the door to real soulful ballets to return to radio. 2010 is the year for Grady Washington. His soon to be released album is smoking hot, with songs such as “ONE LONELY MAN,”  “STAY WITH ME” and “WISH I CAN BRING BACK YESTERDAY” just to name a few. His hit single “LETS BE MORE THAN FRIENDS” will refresh our mind with memories of what a  true slow jam should sound like. In these crazy rough times, Grady Washington has love songs that will bring the lovers closer together to love again. The stepper’s will step again and the ballers will ballroom. Everyone will enjoy the romantic feeling from this music that is so enticing to your soul that it will bring many couples to holy matrimony and many, many babies will be born into the world.

Grady Washington is a true success story and if his songs was a movie, we would want to see it again and again. The single is a highly recommended, must hear, must have song. 2010 is the year of Grady Washington. “Let The Truth Be Told” that good music has returned and “LETS BE MORE THAN FRIENDS” will be leading the pathway when it comes to power ballads like his nephew Keith Washington and his brother Gino Washington. The ladies will hear a real man sing meaningful, sweet songs that will fulfill the craving for romantic music foreplay.

Grady will set the mood for the ladies and gentlemen to get into you groove. His music will make our hearts smile again. So come get reconnected to real soul music and relax and release as Grady Washington’s smoldering hits continue to hit back to back. You will soon find yourself telling that special one “LETS BE MORE THAN FRIENDS.”

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