*Now, after two weeks of performances and beating out thousands to perform on “American Idol,” last Thursday Jermaine Sellers was dismissed from the show. Hmm, we wonder why? Specifically, was it God’s will or was it the man in the mirror?

There’s no question the brother can sing, but it may have been his attitude that put him in disfavor with the judges and voters. Here’s a brief recap.

Last week he performed Marvin Gaye’s “What’s Going On.” And while the judges generally agreed that while he’s a capable vocalist, they thought the performance was too forced and that he was trying too hard to show of his vocal tricks.

Simon also called his singing too old-fashioned (though he did make the same comment about other contestants).

That’s when Jermaine responded by asking Simon to go to church with him, then asked the judges what he should sing next week. Simon speculated that Jermaine might not be there next week, to which he responded that he was a God-fearing man and that they don’t know that.

OK, fast forward to today and as we said up top, Sellers is a former “American Idol” contestant. As MTV’s Eric Ditzian observed:

“Jesus may be his homeboy, but the viewers at home hold his fate in their cell phones.”

One reviewer noted that for him to play the God card shows a lack of willingness to learn from judges and his performances. So now that he’s been booted, instead of evaluating how he could have improved, maybe he’ll just attribute it to God’s will. Maybe.