*At this point the whole world knows that Gabourey “Gabby” Sidibe can act her big butt off. But (yes the pun is intended), that’s the problem.

Gabby, nominated for a best actress Oscar for “Precious,” is loaded with talent and has personality for days, but is she too BIG for Hollywood?!

According to the PopEater’s Rob Shuter, an industry source told him she needs drop a lot of poundage if she wants to keep working.

“I’m not saying it’s correct, but it’s a simple fact that she will have to lose a lot of weight if she wants to keep getting parts,” one casting director told Shuter. “The same thing happened to Nikki Blonsky from ‘Hairspray.’ Everyone said how great she was, and she hasn’t worked since.”

The article goes on to quote friends of Gabby saying that she hasn’t felt any pressure, but they also note that she’s not exactly being inundated with parts, either.

Gerard Butler

In other Gabby news, Justin Timberlake is soooo yesterday as far as “Miss Precious” is concerned. Seems she’s got a new fantasy boyfriend: actor Gerard Butler.

“He’s kinda sexy. I’d hit that…I’m not ashamed,” she told Access Hollywood’s Billy Bush at Sunday’s Oscars. Butler’s response?:

“I’m here, I’m available.” he joked. “Let’s go!”