*Jet Magazine’s Miki Turner spent the entire weekend embedded with “Precious” star Mo’Nique as she prepared for Sunday’s crowning glory at the Academy Awards.

The comedian was filmed and photographed from her Saturday morning jog with friend Kym Whitley, through backstage at the Oscars, where she took over the press room and called on the journalists she wanted to talk to — instead of the usual practice of waiting for reporters to shout questions over the herd.

“Do you have a question for me sugar? Someone pass the mic to Miki,” Mo’Nique told reporters.

According to Turner’s tweets, Mo’Nique started Sunday morning with an “Oscar shake” drink, got her MAC makeup done by Derrick Rutledge (who also does Michelle Obama), displayed some flowers from “Precious” producer Tyler Perry and received this plaque from the mother of Quisha, the adorable toddler who played Mongo in “Precious.” 

“Mo said this is the greatest award,” Turner tweeted of Quisha’s gift. 

Mo’Nique was also given a gardenia like the one Hattie McDaniel wore when she won the same supporting actress Oscar in 1939. “Mo just left the room crying,” Turner tweeted.

The photos and video of Mo’Nique’s “Excellent Oscar Adventure” are posted at EbonyJet.com. Turner’s tweets and twitpics from the experience are at @mikiturner.

Click here to watch Mo’Nique’s Q&A session in the Oscar press room.