*Monday night singer and soon to be divorcee, complained via Twitter about her missing luggage as she pitifully waited by the luggage return conveyor belt at Los Angeles International Airport.

She tweeted Tuesday morning, “I am at the airport sans luggage, not happy. How is it that they ‘lose’ bags? Does that make any sense? Let me answer, no it absolutely does NOT.”

The star travelled to L.A. for a video shoot for what is believed to be for her latest single, ‘Acapella.’

Though her video goodies were nicely packed away in her carry on, Kelis is a bit perturbed about her missing designer clothes and personal treasures in her suitcase.

She wrote, “It’s not just the loss of my stuff that pisses me off. It’s the person behind the counters indignant attitude as though I’m the horses ass for wanted my stuff back. Or excuse me naively, blindly optimisticly expecting my trunk filled with treasures to come barreling down. That is not the case here. I am too tired to even weep over the loubition, westwoods, etc, etc.”