Mario Lopez gives Irene 'Cooking With the Stars' Stokes a big squeeze at the taping of 'America’s Best Dance Crew'

“Why did I decide to go to a taping in spike heels (?), I don’t know. That must have aged me right away, clicket clacking around the sound stage.”

*Good gracious, you have to be ready for a burst of energy like never before when you go to a taping of America’s Best Dance Crew. Have you ever seen the show produced by Randy Jackson?  If you have a bad ticker, this is not the place, but if you can take pulsating rhythms, hip hop beats, bumping music, crowds that clap wildly and dance and gyrate at the same time, then you are in the right place cuz it is “fire.”

I sat in on the Lady Gaga challenge show taping and it was crazy, why did I decide to go to a taping in spike heels (?), I don’t know. That must have aged me right away, clickety clacking around the sound stage and from the parking lot to the studios in stilettos. Wrong!  I advise Caution: Do not do.  

You know, just last year, I could hike up a hill in heels, but what a difference a year makes?!!!

Back to the show, wow Mario Lopez is really cute, and those dimples. The judges are beautiful too, that Lil’ Mama is like a butterfly and Omarion is so nice.  Omarion is not Simon, that’s for sure and I really appreciated how kind he is to the contestants while giving them constructive tips. He’s an easy judge and honestly every group that I saw was amazing. What’s not to like, when people are moving their bodies like contortionists to music and giving you a show of a lifetime.  The tempo was up as the groups had to choreograph numbers to Lady Gaga’s music. Lady Gaga as you know is definitely over the top, over the edge and one of today’s novelties. Each group tried to outdo the other to represent.

JC Chasez (former N SYNC member) also a judge was a little more critical but you could tell, he was genuinely interested in seeing the groups improve. Tough love was not evident by any of the three judges, but they got their point across without having to spank the baby. No gaga googoo here. I used to get whipped by my acting teacher (not literally) but mentally.

On my way to the taping I briefly saw Chris Stokes in the parking area and a few minutes later saw MH (Marques Houston). Later in the show, I was able to give Omarion a big hug and let him know how proud I am of him.  

Mama ‘Cooking With the Stars’ Stokes (Chris’s mom) a friend for years was also on the premises; and my contact at the show who sat me in the VIP seating area, was going to come and get me to take me backstage, but after 3 and ½ hours, my mind was ready for food and then for bed (in that order), so I ducked out just minutes before the end of the show without communicating with my friend because cell phones were not allowed at the taping. Wouldn’t you know just when I got to my car and about 5 minutes into my ride home, my friend called and said, I’ve got Mama Stokes and Omarion waiting for you in the green room. At that point, my car was steering in the direction of Pollo Loco nearby my house and I could smell the chicken. (For more information on Irene Stokes log on here:  

I was thinking all the way home, am I getting old, what’s the deal.  Next time I will forego the makeup, the low cut Bebe little black dress, the Manolo’s and the Gucci bag and switch to tennis shoes, sweat suit, baseball cap and no makeup. Yeah, I’ll be able to handle it then.

A little coffee and a kick from some B12 and I will be an energy bunny. I might bust a couple of moves (well…er)…next time…(fer sho)…next time…clickety clack.

Eugenia Wright is a former actress turned syndicated columnist/publicist. You may write to her at [email protected]