Kymberlee Carlyle - Janet Jackson impersonator performed like the real deal. Kymberlee gave an electrifying performance with all the traditional Janet Jackson moves. Photo: Donald Carraway

*Artists for Humanity Get Up and Move presented a smashing display of talent for a worthy cause. There was a lot of hype about this show in the weeks preceding the event and I caught the fervor. Vanguard is one of my favorite clubs because it boasts a beautiful terrace perfect for relaxing on a warm and breezy Cali night.

I arrived early to check out all the happs. There was for the most part a well-organized red carpet and all flowed smoothly. I spotted many of the young and beautiful Hollywood celebs that included: Porscha Coleman, Tionne Williams, Trueful, Claudia Jordan, Norwood Young, Vartan of the Skyline singing group, Willie Macc, pretty Joslyn Pennywell (America’s Next Top Model), Mariano Mendoza (One Man War Entertainment – mixed martial arts expert) and lots and lots of gorgeous model-types. But, the real scene-stealers on this night were not the stars but the performers who were putting it down on behalf of UNICEF’s Haiti Relief Fund.

When I say that the floor beneath my feet shook, rattled and rolled, I am telling the truth. If you read this and you were there, you know, the show was a rockin temblor high on the richter scale.

The show took place on the lower level of the club that has a traditional runway for high fashion shows and the dancers took advantage of the space to connect with the audience. I was standing at the end of the runway about a hand’s length away from the action and dancers were jumping on and off the stage right in front of me. It was electric and stimulating to say the least.

Memorable performances were delivered by Slex, Deja and the House Band, Jazmin (Asian dancers and singers that exuded a whole lot of soul), Strikers Allstars (MTV’s America’s Best Dance Crew), a Janet Jackson impersonator and Norwood Young who delivered a smooth as silk performance among others.

The event was hosted by Brian Terrell Clark and Carmit Bachor (formerly of the Pussy Cat Dolls).

The show lasted for four hours, I was good to go for two considering there was no place to sit and I was in my Bebe spikes. Those who had “Reserved” seating ended up sitting on top of the lounge chairs or standing so they could view the show because it was SRO. For this event, I did not see nor partake in any complimentary beverage or good eats. I was also not directed to any gift bags. This event I gathered was strictly for charity but the energy was so infectious, every beat was filled with pulsating throbbing music and dance and those other perks were not missed. I was fully entertained all for a great cause. “Get up and Move” more than aptly described the night’s scene.

The event rates an “E” for Energy!!!

UNICEF’s focus is on helping children. If you would like to donate, log on to

Eugenia Wright is a former actress turned syndicated columnist/publicist. You may write to her at [email protected].


Kymberlee in the groove - Photo: Donald Carraway

Pretty model Joslyn Pennywell and Trueful looked hot on the red carpet. Photo: Donald Carraway