*”One Love.” The late great Bob Marley’s credo lives on. Despite a controversial start to the publishing of Ky-Mani Marley’s “Dear Dad” book, all’s well that ends well.

After an initial outcry over the subtitle of the book with Publisher Dr. Farrah Gray, the descendant of one of the world’s best-selling musical icons is set to embark on a 27-city book signing promotional tour with Dr. Gray.

Son of the legendary King of Reggae music Bob Marley, Ky-Mani Marley worked with Dr. Gray’s publishing company to write his book. Much of the book centered on the claim that he was deprived of his father’s fortune for years by the reggae star’s widow, Rita Marley. Titled “Dear Dad,” the book hit booksellers’ stands February 6, when the late reggae icon would have turned 65.

Dr. Farrah Gray

Immediately, the firestorm began for the young Marley, 34, during the final edit of the book, he spoke with his sister, Cedella Marley, CEO of Tuff Gong Records, and he advised Dr. Gray that some changes had to be made. By the time he had the changes ready, it was the day of the printing, which would have obviously complicated the logistics, causing Farrah Gray Publishing damages and disruption. Farrah Gray Publishing felt as if the subtitle was needed to explain the complexity of the situation.


After “Dear Dad’s” release, Dr. Gray and Ky-Mani were at odds over the book’s subtitle. Just when it looked like the two were headed to court, an announcement came that they had ironed out their differences.

“I stand behind the content of my book ‘Dear Dad’ 100 percent,” Ky-Mani said in a statement released Tuesday, March 16.  

Farrah Gray Publishing has agreed to modify the subtitle on all new copies of ‘Dear Dad’ and they are celebrating the resolution of this modification.

The book is available at BarnesandNoble.com.