*Critics are poking fun at MTV after rumors spread the network banned the racy “Telephone” video by Lady Gaga featuring Beyonce.

The 9 minute video depicts Gaga in a skimpy “get up” grinding hard with lady prisoners and Beyonce doing her Beyonce thing with a Gaga twist.

After more than 12 million viewers took a peak at the video on YouTube, MTV denied banning the envelope pushing visual display of love, lust, and revenge.

It also made headlines for the director’s incredible product placement. Here is a breakdown of the method to Gaga’s madness, with some paid sponsorship while others just happen to make the cut:

* Wonder Bread: Unpaid. Used in a sequence showing Gaga poisoning diner customers, because Gaga wanted to contrast the poisoning with an all-American brand.

* Miracle Whip: Paid. Used in the same scene-and for the same reason-as Wonder Bread; seems to be part of the spread’s new, edgier campaign.

* Diet Coke: Unpaid. It was Gaga’s idea to curl her hair with Diet Coke cans in the video as an homage to her mother.

* Virgin Mobile: The cell phone in the video is a nod to the company, a mobile sponsor of Gaga’s Monster Ball tour.

* Polaroid: Camera and photo booth featured acknowledge Gaga’s role as Polaroid’s creative director.

* Heartbeats headphones and Beats laptop: Unpaid. An extension of her partnerships with Interscope Music and Hewlett Packard.

* PlentyofFish.com: Unclear. Possibly the weirdest deal of the bunch; result of the dating site’s partnership with Interscope.

Watch the controversial ‘Telephone’ video: