Have any of you heard of the “blue laws”?  Well the blue laws were set forth to protect the sanctity of Sunday.  There used to be a time where it would be hard to find someone who would open their store on Sunday.  Some of you may not remember that, but a lot of you do.

The cities shopping areas would shut down and folks would have to wait until Monday to get whatever it was they needed.  Well, those times have been long drowned out by the consumer’s addiction to consume and the retailers addiction to their money.

No one wants Mayberry to return, they just want to be able to buy legal addictive stimulants and Gucci purses while they throw caution to the wind and say farewell to church and Sunday dinners with family.  This is a capitalist country and you better not forget that!

New Jersey’s Bergen county is one of the last of the mohicans still closing their doors on Sunday.  The blue laws may be lifted from this area that is merely 20 minutes outside Manhattan. (more…)