*The figures are shocking. Because 48 of the 50 states have some type of law barring persons convicted of felonies from voting, an estimated four million Americans – who have completed their prison terms – are denied the right to vote.

Roughly a third of these disenfranchised Americans are Black. Indeed, currently one of every eight Black men in America (13 percent) is legally barred from voting.

The above figures were revealed last week at a House Judiciary Committee hearing which was considering the “Democracy Restoration Act” – a piece of legislation which would prevent states from taking away the right to vote in federal elections from felons once they have completed their prison terms.

The Director of the NAACP’s Washington Bureau Hilary Shelton told a subcommittee the Act was “a question of rehabilitation, democracy and fairness.” (source: Taylor Media Services – www.blacknewsjournal.net