*The blog site What About Our Daughters has been on top of a Twitter controversy involving MSNBC contributor and pop culture critic Toure, and now the network has come out with a statement attempting to distance itself from his tweets.

This all started earlier this month when @ToureX tweeted about the rape of female slaves by their masters, suggesting some cases were not rape, but rather calculated actions on the part of slaves to trade sex for either freedom or status.

“Some were cunning and brilliant enough to use their bodies to gain liberation thus fooling massa,” Toure tweeted, adding in another posting. “Of course most were raped, we know that, but some were sharp enough to trade that good-good for status or liberation.” 

When someone suggested that by his definition, these slaves would be considered “hoes,” Toure tweeted, “They are absolutely not ‘ho’s.’ They’re sexually heroic. They’re self-liberating by any means necessary.” 

Moments later, Toure sent out a tweet that claimed the previous tweets were not from him, but from his unnamed cousin who “used my blackberry to screw with yall.”

Cousin or not, the offensive tweets were picked up by the blog Gawker.com and listed under the headline The Mysterious Case of Touré Praising Raped Slaves for Seducing ‘Massa’. [Story continues below.]     

What About Our Daughters blogger Gina McCauley became outraged and launched a campaign to shame his employer MSNBC into condemning the remarks. Some three weeks later, the network has responded. 

Gina McCauley of WhatAboutOurDaughters.com

“Touré is a part-time contributor to the network and his comments were not appropriate and do not represent the views of Msnbc. He has apologized for his statements and we have accepted his apology,” MSNBC spokeswoman Alana Russo said. 

Meanwhile, a new Twitter account, @TouresCousin, materialized with the sole purpose of putting Toure on blast. Its bio states: “My bad, y’all. I am the one responsible for whatever my cuz Toure said that you found offensive!” 

@TouresCousin rips Toure for throwing him under the bus, then proceeds to challenge the TV pundit on his facts. The anonymous “cousin” said the following via a series of tweets: 

i have done a little reading over the years about the hideous sexual practices of the flesh trade. You know, it does not require a PhD just a little curiosity about our ancestors. ultimately, what toure wrote was hurtful to me because it seemed like he’d never thought about it before that very minute. to me the question is not open for debate. slaves by definition could not give or refuse consent to be used sexually. the end. sure, white overseers may have been smitten by the women they exploited, and gifted them everything from house negro status to freedom, but that was not “sexually heroic.” remember, the slaveowners typically enslaved THEIR OWN CHILDREN born out of the exploitation… to my understanding, the freedom thomas jefferson and others ultimately bestowed on their victims was motivated by that horrible fact not by respect or love for the women they used.