*Germany’s Neon Magazine has issued an apology to Beyonce and a slew of other publications who picked up their story about Beyonce that turned out to be completely made up.

In the feature, freelance writer Ingo Mocek revealed details about a marriage contract shared between Beyonce and Jay-Z worth $10 million. Mocek also stated Beyonce had some ill feelings towards white music producers.

Beyonce’s management team contacted the magazine in January claiming the story was false. Editors, in turn, pressed Mocek about the details. When he was unable to produce his sources for the information published, he was reportedly terminated on the spot.

In a statement published on its Web site, Neon said it “apologized to its readers and the artists concerned” for the bogus article and added it had fired the journalist responsible.

“Neon dissociates itself from the content of the interview with Ms. Knowles,” the magazine continued. “Neon subscribes to a high level standard of truthful journalism. Since Ingo Mocek has violated these standards severely, Neon has terminated all relationships with Ingo Mocek with immediate effect.”