*After spending 20, often frustrating, years trying to find companies and organizations that give grants to African Americans, sensational new author “Dr. Donna” decided to become part of the solution to African Americans building financial security and wealth. She has written a truly must-read book for 2010: “Free Money Now for African Americans.” The book can be a real life changer.

The author and motivational speaker explains, “I wanted to create a well organized book filled with something that is so hard to find – grants for us -for everything. In other words, money to change our lives and money to make a great impact on our communities – money that we never have to pay back.” Her effort, she says, is ideal for persons who dream of starting their own business or being a block in the building of a greater community. The time has come and the time is now!

While there are other books providing information about government grants, grants for women and grants for minorities, Free Money Now for African Americans is unique. It was written by an accomplished author and motivational speaker specifically for African Americans. In addition, it is separated by the most popular categories which detail organizations providing grants for churches, youth, sports, health, business and the arts – from music to painting to writing as well as actors, museums, the environment and agriculture.

“We can either complain or be a part of change”, says Dr. Donna. She adds, “I took action believing the words of the great Toni Morrison, ‘If you want to read a book that hasn’t been written, you must write it yourself.’ That’s what I have joyfully done, hoping to help millions of African Americans leave their footprint in the sand of change.”

The only way to get the book is by visiting the website: www.FreeMoneyNowForAfricanAmericans.com

About the Author: Dr. Donna is a noted author and motivational speaker. Her first book, “Do You Have Kitchen Disease”, has and continues to bless many people with a revolutionary way of eating and caring for our beautiful bodies. (source: Taylor Media Services)

Contact: Dr. Donna
Phone Number: 619-719-9888
[email protected]