*Healthcare For Women, a national women’s rights initiative, has recently launched a new program to help women find and obtain affordable health insurance.

The program, available for single and married women between the ages of 18-64 years old (with or without children), is a nationwide effort to protect disadvantaged women from high medical bills and prescription payments.

Through their web site, www.HealthCareForWomen.org, women can apply by completing a brief form to obtain a free quote based on their age, weight, height, pre-existing conditions, and whether or not they smoke.

They will then be presented with an objective, user-friendly format, enabling them to see and understand the available health benefit products that best meet their needs.

Millions of men and women suffer greatly from the healthcare crisis in this country. However, according to Sharon Lerner of TheNation.com, “Women fare particularly badly in terms of health, being more likely than men to leave a prescription unfilled; forgo seeing a needed specialist; and skip a medical test, treatment or follow-up.”

She continues, “Financially, women are worse off, too, in large part because they earn less money. Despite the fact that they skimp on their care to cut costs, three in five women are still unable to pay their medical bills.”

Although polls show that men and women support health reform in almost equal numbers, it must also be noted that millions of women are single moms raising their children – and are unable to work full-time jobs that may come with health benefits. In addition, many are not receiving adequate child support (if any at all) to help with other family financials (clothing, daycare, food, etc). These two factors alone, put women in a more disadvantaged position then men.

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